Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where is my motivation?

I have tons to do today, but no motivation to start. It seems like this is a common thing in my life. Today, for example, I need to clean my house. I have laundry and dishes to do. Piles of papers and bills to file. It just seems like it is the never ending job. When I finally crack down and do it I am only satisfied for 10 minutes because inevitably, my children will destroy everything I just did. I get so furious, but then I tell myself, "They are just kids... they are just kids." Kids like to play and make messes. It is an inconvenience to me, but I love to see them happy. 

I have seen those houses that are always immaculate. How do they do it?! It seems impossible to me. I work 40 hours a week, but at night, so I am home all day to clean. My house never looks like that. I don't have a drawer for everything or a closet or room. 

And what about time for the things that I want to do? Play a game, read a book, watch TV... Are there really people out there who can do it all? And if so, how do I learn to do it all. I feel like women are always striving for perfection. I want to be that perfect woman, but in the end do you get any satisfaction out of everything you accomplished? Or are you just tired?

To me, it seems that with everything pushing down on me I just lose motivation. I will never win the battle of the laundry or the dishes or the toys. I will never be perfect, so why even try? So, I go through the cycles of wanting to be the perfect woman and losing all motivation to even try to be a semi-perfect woman. 

How do perfect woman become perfect?

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  1. There are no perfect women. Some women have higher energy and can keep a clean house, but they're not perfect. Some women have infinite patience, but they are not perfect. I don't even work and I have the same problem. No motivation to clean, especially when someone is always there to destroy the progress I've made.