Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Complete Frustration...

The day started like any other... birds chirping, kids screaming... the usual. I thought to myself today is going to be a good day. I can relax a little in the morning. Get Katy off to school. Timmy and I will hang out, do the laundry and dishes all that good stuff.

It started out OK. Then it seemed to get progressively worse. The catalyst to the bad day was when my son decided he needed to have some yogurt. Not just any yogurt, but the yogurt behind a whole bunch of other stuff in the fridge. Of course he didn't tell me he wanted any yogurt. I was changing the laundry over in the other room when I heard water. Why am I hearing water?! I run into the kitchen, and it isn't water. It is a 2 quart pitcher full of juice spilling all over the inside of my fridge and on my floor. Timmy is standing there dumbfounded. I scream at him (which I will admit now was a little harsh, but WTF?!). He starts to cry because I yelled and because he is  dripping with orange juice. Ok... step one, get some f-ing towels and attempt to clean up the juice from the floor, I can deal with the fridge later. Shit! It is under the fridge. Ok, no clue how to deal with that, put it on the back burner. Step 2, get the screaming kid to calm down and get in the bathtub. Of course this takes a millennium because he is sopping wet and doesn't like to touch his wet clothes. Disrobe, waters too hot, adjust, waters too cold, ok just right. Pour in some bubbles... "I DON'T WANT BUBBLES!!!" Ok, scope out the bubbles. Step 2 complete. Step 3 back to the kitchen while kid is in tub (bad mommy left him in there alone, he would splash if he were drowning right?). Three full size bath towels soaked in juice. I swear it was only 2 quarts! Check on the boy, grab the mop, run some hot water and mop up the floor.

By this point I don't even want to look in the fridge. My hubby is due home for lunch soon, got to heat that up, get Timmy out of the tub and dressed. So, I do that and make lunch. My husband walks in and I don't remember the first thing I said, but I was so pissy by that point I am sure it wasn't nice. We eat lunch, Paul leaves. Ok, play with Tim get him tired then nap... that's all I have to do and then I can clean out the sticky fridge.

Luckily, the rest of my day went smoothly, but I never got my attitude turned around. That small event changed my attitude for the whole day. Thinking about it now it still makes me a little upset. Why can't my son listen to me and not get into the fridge. He knows he is supposed to ask. BUT he is 3 (will I still be saying this when he is 4?).

When my daughter got home from school. She came into the kitchen, helped me unload the dishwasher, and helped me clean out the 2 remaining shelves I had to do in the fridge. She was very helpful and I am grateful.

Man! It feels good to get that off my chest :)

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  1. Oh, I've sooo been there. Like today when I let the kids watch a movie in my bedroom while I folded laundry...I go downstairs for a load, I come back up and there's cigarette butts from an ashtray all over the floor, all of the pillows from the bed are removed, and my bed is full of legos.

    How do that do that crap so quickly anyways?!

    And don't feel bad that you left Timmy in the bathroom by himself, I totally agree. I stick the boys in the tub and feel ok sneaking back downstairs for a minute or two...I can hear them and there's 2 of them. If one is drowning the other will let me know...right? >.>

    I know what you mean about the attitude thing, too. Sometimes after that stuff happens it takes forever to get over.

    <3 Some day they will grow up, and we'll conveniently forget all this bad stuff and only miss the good stuff. I think.