Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bars, Bunco and Book clubs

I will preface this with... I love Bunco and book clubs.

I was at work the other day talking to some friends. One of them had mentioned going out to a bar this weekend. It got me thinking... "when was the last time I have been to a bar?" The last time was with my best friend, Jennie. We didn't go out to party, dance or pick up guys. We went out to have a few drinks, bitch about our husbands and talk about our kids. Very few sentences I utter don't have the word "husband" or "child" in them. This last time was a few months ago, so in reality it hasn't been too long. Then I asked myself "when was the last time I have been asked to go to a bar?" This is a VERY big distinction. I am 28, that isn't too old, right? I can go to bars and go out dancing... can't I? My friends are split about 50/50. 50% married with kids and 50% single or married with no children. 

It got me thinking.... maybe when you become a mother you start producing some kind of pheromone that deters people from asking you to go to a bar. "Hey Amanda, you want to go to a bar.... wait I smell milk, cookies, and baby vomit. Nevermind." If I were to tell my husband or my friends I felt like going out dancing and drinking the reply would be... "But your a mother!" (Enter shocked voice inflection here). I have no lack of people asking me to play Bunco, join a book club or go to a Pampered Chef party (see my above preface... I love you all). What is the deal?!

Even as I read this to my husband to make sure it is witty enough... he responded with "Why would you want to go to a bar?"


My response to him is simply... when did I become too old, or to "mommy" to go? Where did my pre-child, dance-loving self go? Was it me that changed or was it everyone's perception of me? I may never know.

**By the way I am looking for a good book club :)


  1. Was that me talking about going to the bar?? cause I am a MOM and I haooen to go to the bar.. I never went before but now that I am a mom, a mom of twins, at that. I freaking need a damn drink every once in while!!! and you are ALWAYS invited to come out with me..... I happen to really like cookie and milk, and I most likely also smell like vomit.. :)

  2. I went to a bar last weekend. WITH my baby. It was epic. ;)

    (I know what you mean, though.)

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