Friday, July 23, 2010

Mission Possible?: Become a PERFECT Wife...

Ok. I am not entirely sure this is possible, but I am going to try to become the "perfect wife." That's right! Perfect. The only problem is, I am not sure what that entails. So, I open the floor to all of you.

Here is my background... I have a full time job, but I work at night so I can maintain the household and take care of the kids. I manage the money and do most of the cooking.

I know perfection isn't going to happen overnight. So, here are my goals for tomorrow:

1. Deep Clean the kitchen and bathrooms.
2. Dishes
3. Laundry
4. Take the kids to the park
5. Make lunch and have it ready when my husband walks in the door for his lunch break
6. Make dinner and have it cooking when my husband gets home and I leave for work
7. Put up the shelves in my bedroom
8. Flirt via text with my hubby all day to make him feel special

That is all I have so far... I hope I can fit it in and stay sane.  I will follow-up tomorrow night and let you know how it goes.

In case you are curious about what brought this on... my husband and I had the oddest fight today. It really wasn't even a fight, it was just him being insecure. So, I feel guilty because he thinks he isn't enough of a man for me. Of course I tell him he is more than enough (which is true) and that I love him with all of my heart. Then I think, maybe I am not enough of a woman. I know I have talked about this before, but it is one of those things that just gets under my skin and bugs me. I CAN be doing more, therefore, I SHOULD be doing more.

Everyday my hubby gets home and I can see the look of disappointment on his face because the house isn't clean. Sometimes I want to SCREAM at him that I work the same number of hours that he does, and I do it at night. I wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and spend all day with the kids before I have to go to work. Then I stop and realize, I have to be awake anyway so, I should be doing more around the house. I just can't seem to find the motivation. I would rather read a book, play with my kids, or watch TV.

The other thing that annoys me is that there are women out there who do it all. There are full time career women who make it home, make dinner, clean the house and read their kids books, have time to look gorgeous and then have crazy, passionate sex with their husbands. What are they on?! and how do I get some? Or are they just more motivated than I am? And if so, how do I motivate myself?

So, this is where this mission came from. I hope I find the motivation and energy I need.

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  1. Don't try to do it all. You'll just burn yourself out and end up doing less. Baby steps. Pick up one or two new tasks to dedicate yourself to. Then remember that your husband knows how to clean/read books/cook just as well as you do (well maybe not the cooking)...and once he sees that you will do it by yourself, he'll stop doing it EVER. Trust me, I know this. I was doing everything around here long before I was a stay-at-home mom. :p